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  • What’s Up With Sex Offender Treatment?

    In this episode we review a recent article from the BBC, by Danny Shaw, which reported that a recent study of the sex offender programs in England and Wales showed […]

  • The Relationship Between Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, Crime & Violence

    SUMMARY In this episode we discuss the interplay between mental illness & substance abuse and how this interplay affects negative outcomes. Dr. Price provides a comparison between serious mental illness […]

  • Safety Plans

    Safety or relapse prevention plans are used in a number of areas of forensic mental health treatment, such as with persons with histories of substance abuse or sexual offending. This […]

  • Offense Cycles

         As a follow-up to our last episode on Relapse Prevention with an Offender Population, in this episode we discuss offense cycles and node-link mapping. Both of these models […]

  • The Lapse Map

       The offense cycle has been used in sex offender treatment since the 1990s. It is most compatible with treatment programs based in relapse prevention that rely on cognitive-behavioral approaches […]

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