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  • The Use of Actuarial Instruments

    Starting this month we will be also offering periodic bonus mini in services. Today’s mini in service is on actuarial instruments. Today I discuss actuarial instruments: What they are How they are used What they predict And provide 8 tips to ensure their proper use An actuarial instrument is a statistical method of estimating the risk of a specific event occurring These are widely used by insurance companies, such as in the case of auto […]

  • Mental Illness & Violence

    In this in service Dr. Stephen Price and I discuss the relationship between mental illness and violence and delve into our experiences with this population. According to the Department of Justice violent crime has been decreasing since the early 1990s. Although there is a statistical relationship between mental illness and violence, only 4% of all violent crimes are committed by persons with mental illness. Conversely, persons with mental illness are at high risk for violent […]

  • Sexual Psychopath Laws

    Episode 4 examines the Sexual Psychopath laws. First enacted in the late 1930s, Sexual psychopath laws were essentially diversion-like, civil confinement strategies developed to deal with sex offenders. The taboo nature of sex crimes, and the depravity often associated with them, led many to perceive that the individuals who committed these acts suffered from some form of mental abnormality. Twenty-two states enacted sexual psychopath statutes and established programs. The psychiatric programs established under these statutes […]

  • A General Discussion on Risk

    This episodes provides a general discussion on risk and threat, risk assessment, and the ways risk and threat are managed in various types of settings and facilities. We distinguish the differences between risk and threat for the expressed purpose of providing clarity in this discussion as well as clarity between the concepts involved. We recognize that the terms are used interchangeably, but argue that the definitions are not. Risk – Risk is something that a […]

  • Psychopathy

    Season 1, Episode 2: Psychopathy   In this episode we discuss psychopathy. You would never know given all the attention psychopathy receives that it only occurs in 1% of males in the general population. Cleckley and others have explained psychopathy as being a personality disorder defined by a constellation of characteristics occurring on the interpersonal, affective, and lifestyle levels. There is considerable confusion regarding the construct given its history and its common, if not pejorative […]

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