What Brought Us To Podcasting?


In this mini episode we discuss what brought us to podcasting and why podcasting is a good medium for professionals to use to build communities, develop a professional voice, disseminate information, and for branding. More and more professionals are utilizing social media, such as Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc. Podcasts are an excellent alternative or supplement to existing online activities.

Toward the goal of encouraging others we talk briefly about our trials and tribulations as we learned to work microphones and other audio gear. When we began this endeavor neither of us had any footprint on the Internet to speak of but through hard work, some fun, as well as considerable frustration we’ve been able to produce this podcast for a year.  What gear’s involved?

For this episode, Dr. Price used an Audio Technica AT 2005 microphone (approx. $100), an iPad, and an iRig2 (approx. $40) to interface with the iPad. Steve Koonz also used an Audio Technica AT 2005 microphone, an iPhone 8, an iRig2, as well as a Mackie Mix8 (approx. $90), and a Zoom H4n Pro digital recorder (approx. $200). We did the call over FaceTime. Dr. Price was recorded remotely. Neither of us have any affiliation with any of the companies or products listed.

We also provide information on upcoming episodes. We are currently on a short hiatus in order to coordinate schedules and line up interviews. Currently we have two major projects in the works including an interview with the Treatment Advocacy Center and an in-depth episode on the insanity defense.

Our artwork was hand-painted by Jenn Koonz, Ph.D., and digitalized by Stephen Koonz. Our music was composed and performed by Adam Price. Both are used with permission. Steve Koonz did the general mixing on this episode before uploading to Auphonic (no affiliation).

Forensic InService podcast by Stephen Koonz & Stephen Price is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

You are free to share, copy, and redistribute this material in any format.

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