Offense Cycles


     As a follow-up to our last episode on Relapse Prevention with an Offender Population, in this episode we discuss offense cycles and node-link mapping. Both of these models are compatible with treatment programs based in relapse prevention that rely on cognitive-behavioral approaches. For this episode we also have a corresponding blog post, titled The Lapse Map. Contained within that blog post is a free download of a general lapse map we created during our work with sex offenders and recently updated.

    As an additional bonus, please see our post under the category Risk Assessment entitled Assessing Probability to Sexually Re-Offend. In this post I provide a factitious case and score it on the Static-99R. This material is also free for professionals to access. However, this specific post is password protected given the sensitivity of the subject matter. If you would like access please contact us using the link, or by emailing me at and tell me who you are and why you are requesting this information. I will not keep or use your information when given to me for this purpose.

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