• Children with Incarcerated Parents

    Dr. Judy Krysik is an associate professor at and director of the Arizona State University Center for Child Well Being. Her bio can be found at: https://socialwork.asu.edu/content/judy-krysik and the center’s […]

  • Part II: Supervising and Treating Persons Who Have Sexually Harmed

    BONUS MINI EPISODE. If you enjoy our podcast please consider subscribing. You can also visit us at https://forensicinservice.com. Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion for an episode […]

  • Part 1: Supervising Persons Who Have Sexually Harmed

    BONUS MINI EPISODE. This is part one of a two part mini in service┬ádiscussing supervision strategies with persons who have sexually harmed and the fit of these strategies with social […]

  • Treatment Success

    Is this episode we discuss positive treatment outcomes in terms of how they are defined and measured and share stories of our own experiences.   The Forensic InService podcast by […]

  • The Use of Actuarial Instruments

    Starting this month we will be also offering periodic bonus mini in services. Today’s mini in service is on actuarial instruments. Today I discuss actuarial instruments: What they are How […]


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