• Competence & Restoration

    In this episode, Steve Price interviews Robert Linville, Attorney at Law. Mr. Linville has been a practicing attorney in New York State for many years. He is a graduate of Columbia Law School and has worked as a private attorney, a public defender, and for several state and international agencies. He is a committed and staunch advocate for his clients. Overview of civil procedural law regarding competency and restoration: Following a finding of incapacitation, misdemeanor […]

  • Children with Incarcerated Parents

    Dr. Judy Krysik is an associate professor at and director of the Arizona State University Center for Child Well Being. Her bio can be found at: https://socialwork.asu.edu/content/judy-krysik and the center’s webpage can be located at: https://childwellbeing.asu.edu/CIP     Over 2 million children in the U.S. experience parental incarceration, and parental incarceration is considered an adverse childhood event (ACE) and is linked to being at-risk for a number of issues including mental health issues and poor […]

  • Part II: Supervising & Treating Persons Who Have Sexually Harmed

    BONUS MINI EPISODE.   If you enjoy our podcast please consider subscribing. You can also visit us at https://forensicinservice.com. Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion for an episode or guest. You can contact me directly at stephenjk@forensicinservice.com. Thanks for listening!   This is part two of a two part mini in service discussing supervision and treatment strategies with persons who have sexually harmed and the fit of these strategies with social work […]

  • Part 1: Supervising Persons Who Have Sexually Harmed

    BONUS MINI EPISODE. This is part one of a two part mini in service discussing supervision strategies with persons who have sexually harmed and the fit of these strategies with social work practice and values. This episode provides a brief overview of: Strategic crime prevention strategies The Containment Approach Circles Legislation This episode examines these strategies and contrasts them with several of the core values of social work. The second part of this mini in service […]

  • Treatment Sucess

    Is this episode we discuss positive treatment outcomes in terms of how they are defined and measured and share stories of our own experiences.   The Forensic InService podcast by Stephen Koonz & Stephen Price is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.   The music for our show was written & performed by Adam Price and our artwork “Blocked Thoughts” was hand painted by Jenn Koonz, Ph.D. Both are used with permission. […]

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