• New Flier

    Our friends at the Children of Incarcerated Parents National Conference thanked us this week for our help in advertising their important work by creating a new flier for us! Thank you Melinda & Dr. Krysik!

  • Episode One: An Interview with Dr. Stephen Price, M.D.

    Now Available in Apple Podcast In InService #1 Dr. Stephen Price is interviewed by Steve Koonz, M.A., M.S.W. Dr. Price is currently the owner and chief clinician at Threat Assessment & Risk Management Center, L.L.C. in upstate New York, as well as co-host of the Forensic InService podcast. Dr. Price is a board-certified psychiatrist who has many years’ experience in veteran psychiatric services, as well as general, forensic, and correctional mental health. Dr. Price has […]

  • Podcast & Website in Production

    We are hard at work getting our Forensic InService website and podcast up and running and we hope to launch in the very near future. As you may have guessed our niche is forensic mental health.   Forensic mental health refers to the intersection where mental health and the law merge. In particular, forensic mental health refers to the presentation and debate of arguments specific to the importance and relevance of facts, interpretations, assessments, and opinions that […]

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